It’s too Late to Say Goodnight

Don’t worry I didn’t stay up all night, but I probably will tonight!

So, since I didn’t post a video of the week yesterday, I thought I would combine it with Soundtrack Saturday. The video this week is nothing but hilarious and if you’re a Fassbender fan (or as my sister call’s him Fassy), hopefully you’ll love him even more for this. She thought it was real and they actually stalked him, but I pointed out all the different camera angles…Enjoy Stalking Stelios! And if you haven’t seen 300 its Fassbender’s character in the film.

“There he is sire!”

As for the Soundtrack today, I picked one of my favorite musicals: Singing in the Rain (1952), starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds.

The song: Good Morning

Enjoy and have a good weekend!


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