I thought my family was weird…

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about this the new Chan-wook Park film, Stoker. 

After watching several trailers, I thought I would make it my trailer of the week.

It’s written by Wentworth Miller! Should be interesting, as its his first writing credit-but his “contributing writer” was Erin Cressida Wilson, who is known for writing the screenplays for Secretary, Fur, and Chloe. 

The trailer starts off with a bang…well a crash and introduces us to India and Evelyn Stoker. After the death of her father, India’s uncle comes to live with her an her mother. Matthew Goode is so good at being charming and looks fantastic in this! These are the type of roles I like him for, he needs more of them!

I chose this trailer, because it hints at things, without making the plot too obvious-Secrets. Murder. And hints about India changing with the presence of her uncle. Other trailers I’ve seen make Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) look more unstable and cruel, while this one make her look like a victim.  This is one seriously disturbed family.

The trailer is presented beautifully and you can tell there is going to be phenomenal cinematography and music.

This is the first time I’m excited to see Mia Wasikowska in a film! All her characters always seem calm or unemotional-I feel like this will show her acting in a different light and will fit her perfectly.

Due for release in the U.S. March 1st 2013, in limited theaters.

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