Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens

Movie # 30:

Just finished watching this. I took it out of the library after 3 people recommended it…and because of a wrong trivia question.

Written by Kevin Jarre and co-directed by him and George P. Cosmatos, in 1993.

I’m kicking myself now, because how have I not seen this sooner?!

On another note, during me watching this I realized I need a bigger TV! I watched the widescreen version, but it’s hard to enjoy this film on a teeny screen…just my opinion.

Anyway, it has everything you could want in a Western: Bad guys, good guys, action, humor, love, drama, under-dogs…moustaches. AND there are so many actor’s in this film!

Every time someone new popped up my mouth dropped. Apart from the main four (Kurt Russel, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, and Bill Paxton), there was Billy Bob Thorton, Jon Tenney, Billy Zane, Thomas Haden Church, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Rooker, Powers Boothe and Michael Biehn! He will always be Kyle Reese to me, but he was so good as a bad guy!

He’s the reason I got my trivia question wrong! Audio from a scene in the movie was played. Probably one of the best in the film-of Ringo threatening them all.

The Plot: The year is 1879, and Wyatt Earp  has decided to retire from the law. Along with his brothers, Virgil and Morgan, he goes to Tombstone to settle down and to make some money. It’s not long before they discover the “cowboys” and the fear they cause in town. Wyatt is determined to forget law and order-which costs him a lot more than he thought.

Virgil (Elliott) was my favorite Earp, because he put others before himself, but Wyatt (Russel) was pretty badass when the time came-I cheered in my head, when he became the Wyatt Earp of legend.

Doc Holliday (Kilmer) was my favorite overall though, not just because he was witty as hell, but he was all about living life, was an awesome shot and was a very loyal friend.

“Say when”

Of the mostly all male cast though, there had to be one awesome leading lady too! Josephine Marcus played by Dana Delany was just what I needed after being discouraged with the lack of actresses. She was independent, honest, upfront and unconventional for the times. She’s the kind of woman who doesn’t fret and take time to worry about what she wants. She was gutsy and I liked her, even though most of the movie was about the men.

“I’m a woman, I like men. If that means I’m not “lady-like”, then I guess I’m just not a lady.”

Overall, this was a great movie. It had some beautifully shot scenes, awesome music, great acting and was just a great story.

2 thoughts on “Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens

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