Some Recommendations

Movie #28:

I’m going to make this short but sweet. Go watch this movie!

Plot: A lawyer (Paul Giamatti), who is also a volunteer wrestling couch, struggles with his finances leading him to make a morally questionable decision. Everything gets complicated when his client’s grandson comes looking for him.

It sounds boring, but it’s not!

It’s a dark comedy, or dramedy if you like that word (I don’t) and I really wasn’t expecting much, since I didn’t know too much about it, but it was pretty awesome.

It had all the right elements great cast, great story and hilarious parts (Bobby Cannavale, literally stole the movie and made me laugh out loud several times, as did David W. Thompson-aka Stemler).

I liked that the teenage main character wasn’t an actor, but an actual wrestler. He was exactly what a teenage boy looks and acts like, because he was just being himself.

Amy Ryan, was phenomenal as a supporting actress-I would love for her to take me and take care of me, lol. Other great faces like Jeffrey TamborBurt Young and Melanie Lynskey, made it the perfect mix of co-stars.

Just take my word for it, it’ll surprise you!

Movie # 29:

This one you’ll like if you have a dog, like dogs, have trouble in relationships, have a gay family member or you just like these actors: Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Mélanie Laurent or Goran Visnjic.

Plot: Oliver’s (McGregor) mind flashes back to different memories of his life, what certain words mean to him, his new love interest and how his father came out of the closet as a 75 yr old man.

It’s a very sweet film, I thought how it presented depression and the people closest to you was beautiful. The spontaneity and chemistry between Oliver and Anna (Laurent) was perfect. This was on HBO or Starz…one of those, and I watched it twice already-that’s a big deal for me. It just seemed very direct in what it was trying to say-“This is what love feels like.”

Arthur the dog was so adorably cute and perfect in this. Apparently after the film, McGregor couldn’t imagine his life without a dog and had to get his own. Arthur, whose real name is Cosmo, was rescued by a trainer and has been in several movies now.

Another movie you just need to watch!


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