My guts have shit for brains

Book # 10:

This was a real treat. Honestly very entertaining and a quick read.

Just the kind of book I needed to read…and how the hell was this Hornby’s first novel?! He writes in a way that just makes it seem likes its flowing out of his mouth/head.

You may also know this as that John Cusack movie (I’ve only ever browsed past it on TV). I think I need to watch it and read About a Boy, since I liked the movie. 

The Plot: It starts off awesomely listing Rob’s top 5 break-ups. Rob Fleming is a record store owner in London, who has just split up with his girlfriend Laura. He is a self-centered, compulsive, music snob/mix-tape enthusiast, confused, heartbroken, mid-thirty year old man. He tries to understand himself and his behavior towards women, by looking back at past relationships.

In the middle you see what goes on in his head: daydreams, thoughts, lies-causing me to shake my head in disapproval and laugh out of his pure stupidity and selfishness. But mostly, I loved how Hornby broke down how we think…not just guys:

We all say something to someone and then go back in our heads to replay it the way we wanted it to go-with a witty comeback or something suave. Don’t we all listen to sad love songs after a break-up? You may be shaking your head, but you know you’ve been there! We’re all scared of something, making us imperfect, self-conscious and prone to mistakes.

Also, loved the fact that he would make lists with his two friends about different topics! Wikipedia lists all of them, but don’t read the plot summary if you haven’t read the book yet, because it spoils it! Here it is: Rob’s lists.

Just loved it and definitely recommend it.


5 thoughts on “My guts have shit for brains

  1. Never read the book, but I did like the movie a lot. It’s one of those Standard Operating Procedure post-break-up movies, along with Swingers!

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