Turn! Turn! Turn!

Any True Blood Watchers? I was so excited to see the premiere of season 5 and was left wanting more as usual. From the start I was hooked. It was nothing but hilarious and Jessica filled. She has become one of my favorite characters on the show!

I don’t want to give anything away for those who haven’t seen it, but I’m definitely interested in what’s going to happen with Tara, the Jessica-Jason-Hoyt triangle, Scott Foley’s involvement with Terry and the whole wolf pack deal. There’s so many questions that still need to be answered and I’m kind of not interested in the whole “Vampire Authority.”

Jason was such a sweet-heart and Andy always makes me laugh.

All in all, my love for the show falls with the characters, because the story lines have not been enough since last season. Hopefully this season will change that…but I love Jessica, Sam, Lafayette, Jason and Pam and they’re the reason I watch. I really need to start reading the books.

What did you think of the premiere and what are you looking forward to? Who are your favorite characters?


8 thoughts on “Turn! Turn! Turn!

  1. Wow I don’t even remember these names… I’d only seen the first season of True Blood, but I certainly did enjoy it a lot more than I figured I would!

  2. we’re switched! I’ve read the books but haven’t seen the show! I’ve been told to watch it because of the hot guys haha. I didn’t even know Scott Foley is in it, which character does he play?

    • He just popped up at the end of the last season. Not sure of his name, but he’s one of Terry’s Marine buddies. Looking forward to what his character will bring to the story!

  3. I decided to give up this season. Last season was such a disappointment and I’ve made a vow to give up on any show sucking for two seasons (Glee also got the boot off my Tivo).

  4. Just finished watching season 4. Season 5 hasn’t started in Australia yet. I also think Jessica is a great character – although she’s not in the books. And I wonder if Sookie will remain vampire boyfriend-free this season.

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