There’s something really wrong…

So, I had the idea that for the month of October I would post only horror/thriller trailers on Tuesdays.

You’re excited right??

Well today’s trailer is another one of those “found-footage” types of films, but it looks more like District 9  than Paranormal Activity.

Something starts to happen to people from drinking or being in water-it all happens on July 4th and hospitals are filled with what may be an outbreak. The first half of the trailer I was sort of rolling my eyes, but then they hit you with the freakiness!

The Bay  is set for a limited release on November 2nd and is Directed by Barry Levinson.

These films ALWAYS freak me out. They are my downfall.

I can watch the goriest, bloodiest horror flick but I CANNOT watch Japanese girl’s crawling on the floor or found footage things without being creeped out.

Anyway, just watch the trailer and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “There’s something really wrong…

  1. That looks really really good! I can handle found footage films, but absolutely no creepy Japanese girls with long hair. When wifey walks out of the shower with her hair over her face, I hide under the covers.

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