Words of Wisdom From Strangers

On my trip to the doctor’s today I met a lot of interesting individuals, who had a lot to say…about stuff.

Gas attendant: “You should smile more.” 

Me: “Me? Oh sorry.” Laugh.

Gas attendant: “Someone with a pretty smile like that should show it off more.”

Thanks dude. I think telling someone to smile more is the equivalent to saying “Be happy!”

I hate that.

All I wanted to say was: I hate when random strangers tell me to smile more…I’m smiling the exact amount I want to, thanks.

But I didn’t want to be rude.


So, I went after work, still in my scrubs and met this cool 50ish African-American nurse.

Phlebotomist (those people that pull blood): “So you’re a nurse, huh?”

Me: “Animal nurse.”

Phlebotomist: “It’s all the same medicine, baby! So you pull blood on the doggies and kitties?”

Me: “Yeah, put in catheters, etc.”

Phlebotomist: “Those poor things! Guess they can’t complain to you…they must just bite you. I can’t imagine if one of my patients bit me!”

Me: “Speaking of, I’ve always wondered how you get blood on babies and kids.”

Phlebotomist: “It’s simple, baby. It’s just on a smaller scale. I just focus on the fact that I need to get this done so we can diagnose this sick child…okay small pinch now.”

What an awesome guy.


After that I had my regular thyroid check-up…it’s hyper = hot flashes, heart palpitations, weight flux…it sucks. My doc on the other hand is awesome. He is one of the few people in my life that encourage me to go into a career with my degree.

Endocrinologist: “You find a job yet?”

Me: “Not yet, but I have been looking.”

Endocrinologist: “You want to write…make movies maybe right?”

Me: “Yeah. I like editing too.”

Endocrinologist: “Well keep at it. I don’t want to see you give up on your dream! These days anybody can make a movie at home and get famous. I bet you can do a lot better than them.”

Thanks doc.


Speaking of doctors. When I was still with my ex, my obgyn asked: “When are you getting married?!”

Me: “Uh…I’m not sure.”

ob/gyn: “Not sure about him or not sure about marriage?”

Me: “Not sure in general. I’m not sure about him I guess.”

ob/gyn: “So why are you still with him?! You’re young! If you don’t want to marry him by now, you need to end it. You’ve been with him a long time right?”

Me: “Yeah a while, actually.”

ob/gyn: “If your still not happy or unsure, then that’s all you have to listen to. If you were my daughter…and don’t be shocked, because it’s plausible, you could be my daughter if I had you young…I’m older than I look, I would tell you the same thing. Go have fun, live your life and stop wasting it on something you’re unsure about!”


2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom From Strangers

  1. Wow you meet interesting people and have interesting conversations. I think even the gas station guy was just being sincerely nice, and I think he meant it the way he described it, not the “be happy” thing.

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