Just remember, that you’re on my side

Movie # 26:

So I went to go see this on Friday. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t amazing…I mean I don’t think it was worth paying $22 at the independent movie theater.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible…I’m just cheap.

The Plot: Matt Pandamiglio a struggling, stand-up comic, begins to be pressured into asking his long-term girlfriend to marry him. He begins to sleepwalk from the stress and desperately tries to ignore it while he tries to get ahead in his career.

I liked the story, the characters, the music (at some points were hilarious), but maybe the directing could’ve used a little help…shoulder shrug. I think it was trying to say a lot, but it seemed like they didn’t know how to get there. Maybe it just progressed a little slow for me, although the climax of the film was pretty intense. I did like that he was talking to us as an audience and telling us his story.

That’s what I like best about independent, low budget movies. There is someone out there passionate about this story or script and they want to share it with you. I love being that person’s audience.

I think it’s a more interesting film now that I’m reading all of Birbiglia’s Q&A’s. I didn’t know it was based on his book of the same name! That is on my list of things to read now.

The cast was jammed packed with awesome faces and the overall moral, (or what I thought the moral was) made me want to be more honest with myself. We need to communicate and know how to interact with the people we claim to love, not only to fulfill their needs but ours as well…alright, I’ll stop being corny now.

If you’re out there Mike Birbiglia and you want to dispute your meaning that would be great…but maybe I should just read your book.

Anyway, in the end I liked it for the characters and how open he was being with us. He let us into a part of his history that he probably doesn’t look back on too fondly and tried to make us laugh.

He made me laugh.

I liked his low, almost, monotone voice and the ridiculous things he would make his characters say…but maybe his mom does really buy cakes on the internet, I don’t know.

He definitely put “This American Life” on the map for me. It was non-existent in my brain before the promos for this movie. It’s a radio show hosted by the producer of the movie Ira Glass, which featured some of Birbiglia’s stories. It was also a TV series for a little while on Showtime.

Hopefully this will be on Netflix soon and you can all see it! *For freeeeeeee! YEY!

(*with paid subscription, lol)


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