A Train Crash, A Wedding and Crazy Brad Pitt

So I’m going to sum up the three movies I just watched in a quick review round-up! Which means I’m half-way done with movies…and no where near that on books, ugh.

Movie # 23 (on Netflix):

Written and directed by J.J. Abrams.

I will pretty much watch anything with his name in the title…although I still have to get into watching “Fringe”.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed with the movie. It was action-packed and entertaining, but some of the stuff was too far fetched for me. Anyone else see this and think (**Spoiler**): “How did that truck hitting the train, NOT get flattened like a pancake?!!”

The Plot: A group of kids, shooting an amateur zombie movie, witness a train crash that leads to a number of curious happenings in their small town. The air force hones in saying there is nothing to be worried about, but the town becomes secluded and becomes essentially occupied by them.

Overall, the story kept me interested and Abrams kept it pretty “Lost” smoke monstery…you know, where people would disappear and or die and you wouldn’t see what took them. All pretty mysterious.

I enjoyed the innocent, adolescent feel to the film. Reminded me of The Goonies, mixed with some E.T.

The chemistry between the actors as friends felt real and Joel Courtney for being his first movie was, I thought, amazing! Does anyone else think he could play Chloë Grace Moretz‘s brother in a movie?! I think that would be aweeeesome.

Elle Fanning was also amazing and there were other great faces like Kyle Chandler and Ron Eldard.

Anyway, I recommend it if you like Abrams, sci-fi and a movie where kids go all “scooby gang.”

Movie # 24 (on Netflix):

This was honestly better than I thought it would be. I wasn’t expecting much from the IMDB rating, but I think it deserves a little more than a 5.5.

The Plot: Two friends go on a weekend trip. While Marshall thinks its to spend time with Sam, who he hasn’t talked to in a year, he soon finds out its about Sam crashing a wedding for a woman he is in love with.

It was a quirky kind of movies and the dialogue between the characters were the most interesting parts for me, especially between Sam (Michael Angarano) and Marshall (Reece Thompson). Their relationship was…awkward.

Marshall was definitely the more awkward of the two, but their relationship is what really made this film interesting to me…although the whole time I was thinking: “Who talks like this??”

Thompson steals the movie in my opinion and the whole time he looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t pin point where I’d seen him…he was young “Beaver” in Dreamcatcher!  Did anyone else see that??

Anyway, the c0-stars were amazing: Uma Thurman, Jake Johnson, and Lee Pace were great. Pace was perfect as Thurman’s fiancee, very believable as a self-centered asshole.

Angarano was cute as Sam, but he was too selfish in my opinion. I guess, he hopefully learned from the weekend and did an awesome job playing a naive, broke, hopeless romantic.

I recommend it if you like quirky, indie films that have a Wes Andersony feel to them. Written and directed by Max Winkler…Henry Winkler’s son!

Movie # 25:

This was a very random choice that was on one of the many movie channels I have. I read it has a cult following…but I’d never heard of it. I was just flipping through the channels, when it was scheduled to start.

It was…weird.

I don’t know if these actors are remembered for there roles in this movie, but I may be wrong. Probably more so Michelle Forbes, because she has done mostly TV.

The plot: A journalist couple, go on a tour of serial killer murder sites with two strangers, unaware that one of them is a serial killer.

This was one of those movies where I couldn’t look away, even when I wanted to.

It wasn’t the best written and the story-line was a little crazy, but it kept me interested.

Brad Pitt nailed his character so well. A white-trash, no manner’s, no education, lunatic…that I was disgusted with him by the end of the film.

David Duchovny was pretty boring in my opinion, his character was so oblivious to what was going on around him, even though he was a serial killer “expert.” I just wanted to slap him and say: “Listen to your girlfriend!”

But honestly the best part of the movie for me was Juliette Lewis! She was perfect. She was cute, innocent and her love for Early was realistic. Apparently her and Pitt dated during or after the movie. Her love for him made her blind to what a monster he was though, and I didn’t like that…Poor little Adele.

All in all, it wasn’t the greatest of movies. But like I said it kept me interested. If you like “B” movies and all the actors in it, especially Lewis than you can give it a chance…but I warned you!


2 thoughts on “A Train Crash, A Wedding and Crazy Brad Pitt

  1. Kalifornia is such an underrated movie! I came across it by mistake but once I started watching it is was impossible to stop. Brad Pitt is the best at playing these off the beaten path characters, another good example is his role as Mickey in Snatch which if you have not seen you really should. Great post!

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