Does Age Matter?

So there are 2 trailer’s for you today! Both along the same premise and both being released this month…in limited theaters.

When in a relationship, does a large difference in age bother you? I don’t like dating younger, for example. Not sure why, but it makes me feel weird…or maybe just old.

Anyway, that’s basically the plot for both of these movies.

The first, Hello I Must Be Going, centers around the wonderful actress Melanie Lynskey-a recent divorcee.

Living back at home, with an awesome mom like Blythe Danner,  she becomes acquainted with a 19 year old neighbor. Christopher Abbottt, from the HBO series “Girls,” co-stars alongside Lynskey in the taboo relationship.

The newest film from actor turned director Todd Louiso looks pretty entertaining, set to come out Sept. 7th. Let me know what you think of the trailer:

The second film is Liberal Arts, the new film written and directed by Josh Radnor. Here he is the old one in the relationship.

He is suddenly brought back to the college he graduated from, for his professor’s retirement (Richard Jenkins), when he becomes involved with the up and coming actress Elizabeth Olsen.

The trailer looks cute, and makes me categorize it more as a college, regret and a coming of age movie.

I liked HappyThankYouMorePlease, but it didn’t blow me away. I feel like I may feel the same about this one, but will give it a chance.

If you like Radnor and don’t mind Zac Effron apparently stealing the movie, then you might like it. Set to come out Sept. 14th. Here’s the trailer:


5 thoughts on “Does Age Matter?

  1. Both of these look so so soooo good! Or maybe it’s just that I have a weakness for trailers with soft pop music.

    I always love seeing Allison Janney in roles, so I’m kinda leaning towards Liberal Arts as the one to look out for. Though it is Josh Radnor haahha…

    I didn’t know Todd Louiso went into directing. Last I knew, he was the babysitter in Jerry Maguire and I think he was in You’ve Got Mail too… or was that someone else?

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