What happens when I go on a date with a conservative…

After many of my friends having success at online dating, and my resistance to it…I gave in.

I was honestly browsing for months, but not contacting anyone. I was scared to start from scratch with a complete stranger. I literally had about a week left when I contacted this guy…let’s call him K.

He didn’t seem like all the “Jersey-shore” type people that had been recommended to me. We both work in animal hospitals and love movies. Check, check.

He has pets, check. He also studies, check.

He’s a conservative….not so much, lol. There are some crazy Republicans out there.

I was a little nervous about that part. I told my friend that he seemed really nice, but if he was some crazy anti-gays, anti-everything, only the bible can tell us how to rule the land…then “That’s a dealbreaker ladies!”

I asked her if I should just ask him his views on it…I don’t go on a lot of dates. But she said: “Absolutely not! That’s not first date material!”

But we had talked back and forth for a little while and our date was going so well…I knew I had to ask him.

I approached the topic saying: “My friend told me not to ask you this, but….”

He laughed his ass off.

He explained that he was conservative economically and actually had friends who were gay. Phew!

He scared me the other day when he told me he hated Obama and listened to Rush Limbaugh…yuck. But, I felt so much better asking what I did!

I don’t care about the rules of dating I guess. I needed to know!

I hope to see him again, but who knows. If anything, we had a nice first date!


3 thoughts on “What happens when I go on a date with a conservative…

  1. Internet dating can be scary at first but good on you for trying! If your dates don’t work out at least you have some good stories to tell (or blog about). Good luck!

  2. Congrats on giving the whole Internet dating thing a shot! I’ve been egging a friend of mine to try it out for a long long time, but he’s also incredibly resistant to the idea.

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