Move-in days are like the Amazing Race

Had to drive my sister back up to school today 😦

Move-in day was mixed with the Freshman’s…so it was kinda hectic.

It surprised me how many people couldn’t follow simple directions.

I mean if you listen and focus, you should be able to process the words you are being clearly told and then carry out those instructions.

Should is the key word here.

All with the goal of clearing the parking lot, for the next round of people, avoiding a build up of cars and traffic.

I hate traffic and am a huge fan of “The Amazing Race,” so it has made me really pay attention to what people say when they instruct you to do something. I unpacked that car in record time, piled it up neatly, sent my sister to get her key, and sent my mom to move the car to a different lot.

As I sat there and waited for the carts to swing by I watched the families around me…they still had questions. One family just sat in their car. Another unpacked, but then just stood there.

I just kept thinking: “If they were on the Amazing Race, they would’ve lost.”

Don’t know why it bothered me so much…maybe because it was so freakin’ hot, but I just find it irritating when you are told what to do and then you can’t follow through.

Anyone else feel that way?

On a side note, since I’m missing my sister already, I thought I would list my top five (sappy) films with sisters in them. The order will be ascending in tearjerker-ness:

1. Practical Magic (Love this duo as sisters!)

2. Little Women (There is only one scene that really gets me, but full of sisters!)

3. In her Shoes (Not the greatest movie, but I love Toni Collette)

4. The Family Stone (Rachel Adams plays a pretty awesome sister)

5. My Sister’s Keeper (cry everytime!)

Any other recommendations?


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