Trivia Bandits Sorkin Discussion

Last night was another night I spent out with friends, partying it up…just kidding. Depends what you think of trivia, lol. It can get pretty intense! My friends and I started going out to a bar on Tuesday nights for Quiz Night.

The team that wins gets a free round of drinks and the best team name gets a free pitcher of beer.

Our first night we won a free pitcher! So we were pretty excited and it was a big part of making us come back.

We won best name again, last night!

We made friends with Tom (the trivia man) and every time we start talking with him, we have a discussion about “The Newsroom” and “Sorkinisms.” He said he has watched every single episode this season, but couldn’t get into the characters. He also dislikes how Sorkin reuses his material. I told him he better check out the Sorkinism video on Youtube…because he reuses stuff A LOT.

Tom couldn’t understand why he should care about the love triangle between Maggie, Don and Jim. He wanted to know if we cared.

Our answer: YES! Then he wanted to know why.

My friend summed up her explanation by saying “…and because we have vaginas and you don’t.”

I could see where he was coming from…I guess. The show is supposed to be smart and about the news, but the two main female leads are portrayed like “dingbats” (another quote.) I mean, they are both pretty flustered and ramble and I can see what he meant. They should be portrayed professionally and more intelligently, but it’s kind of what I love about their characters.

They’re flawed. They get frazzled, stressed, they’re clumsy and emotional, but in the end they get the job done.

They don’t let their personal lives/love interests interfere with their job…for the most part.

I really like the show. Relationships are weird and not simple. I don’t know if they’re as complicated as Sorkin makes them, but it makes for good drama.

Didn’t think I was gonna try and sell you “The Newsroom” did you? It’s a great new show on HBO. Well if anything I’ve sold you on trivia!

“Cha’ and monkey’s might fly out of my butt!”


2 thoughts on “Trivia Bandits Sorkin Discussion

  1. This is so trippy and coincidental… I just showed the wifey that Sorkinisms video last night. We haven’t started watching The Newsroom yet, but we’ve loved every other Sorkin show there is, so we’ll start on this when we finish Grimm.

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