That’s some homophobic, sexist shit right there

The trailer this week, you’ve probably heard of already: Bachelorette. Starring Lizzy Caplan, Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, James Marsden, Adam Scott, and many more!

The film premiered at Sundance and is set for a limited release Sept. 7th, in the US.

My guess is that it will expand to a wide-release, once it comes out…with producers like Will Ferrel and Adam McKay it won’t be that hard.

The Plot: Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids to their friend who used to be less popular in high school and who they used to make fun of.

After I watched the trailer, I just thought Will Ferrell was trying to make a new Bridesmaids movie, BUT it’s written by first time screenwriter Leslye Headland.

After watching her Carson Daly interview and re-watching the trailer, I now really want to see this.

I’m especially excited for the semi Party Down Reunion!

How did Headland get her screenplay to have names on it like these actors and producers like Will Ferrell?? She asked herself the same thing, apparently. All I can say is she made it. Lucky girl! What do you think of the trailer?


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