You Got What I Need

Movie # 22: 

Are you as excited as I am that I got to see this?! I found a little Indie theater that was showing it!!!

After seeing the trailer I was looking forward to watching it, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The rating isn’t that great on IMDB and Andy Samberg hasn’t been in the best movies, but…it was AWESOME.

There was never a dull moment. I swear!

It flowed nicely, had a cohesive story-line, with what I felt was a pretty honest and realistic story, and the characters and music were amazing. From Lily Allen, Biz Markie, Freddie Scott, to Porcelain Raft-awesome soundtrack.

The plot: Revolves around two best friends, who while separated still hang out everyday as if nothing’s changed. Rashida Jones said it best in an interview (and I’m paraphrasing, because I can’t find the video): “This isn’t a movie where you’re wondering if the two characters get together in the end, but whether they remain friends.”

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg had great chemistry and did a great job acting out the quirky, secret languages and behaviors of a couple.

Certain things catapult Jesse and Celeste to “move on” that at first seems fast and out of nowhere for Celeste. The person you love, is changing and becoming the person you always wanted them to be with you, but is living that life with someone who isn’t you…it hits her hard, but she is in massive denial and tries to be supportive.

It’s hard, (like I said when I posted the trailer) to break up with your best friend. You love them, of course, but somehow you’ve realized that you weren’t meant to be…moving on from that is the hardest thing.

After this film, I’ve really fallen in love with Miss Jones. I hated her on The Office, because I was biased towards Jim and Pam getting together, I grew to adore her on Parks & Rec and now after this can’t wait to see more!

Both her and Will McCormack (her real life BFF), wrote the screenplay. They decided to write what they knew and use their experiences to approach the whole genre from another perspective. It’s modern and like I said, honest.

I really connected with the characters and I think anyone who has been friends with someone first, before dating them, will find that they can relate to the story…especially if they’re not with them now.

It had an awesome ensemble of actors: Elijah Wood, plays Celeste’s gay co-worker, Will McCormack as a dealer named Skillz = hilarious, and Chris Messina as an eager love interest was very sweet. Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor, and others were also awesome.

From the opening credits to the last scene, I was entertained. It’s not just another stupid romantic comedy, it’s a very touching story and I hope you all give it a chance. I not only cried like a baby, but laughed like crazy. This is one of the few movies, that I’ve seen in a while, that I’ve wanted to own after I left the theater. (Are you getting that I liked it??)

Rashida Jones and McCormack have apparently already written another screenplay and after this being their 1st attempt at it, I can’t wait for their next!


2 thoughts on “You Got What I Need

  1. Oh I just saw this too! Loved Rashida Jones in it. I can’t wait for the next either, I didn’t know she and McCormack were BFFs and writing partners!

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