I’m a day off on the trailer this week, but I picked a good one for you! It’s called Sleepwalk with Me. Set for a limited release on August 24th, in the U.S.

The movie is about a stand-up comic, struggling with the idea of marriage, who soon begins to sleepwalk from the stress.

I looked up Mike Birbiglia, the screenwriter and director, (there are co-writers and a co-director too) and I like him! Honestly there are a lot of movies about stand-up comics or stand-up comics that decide to make a movie and it doesn’t work all the time. This however, even though I haven’t even seen it yet, looks like it does the “genre” well.

There are a number of awesome faces thrown in throughout the trailer: Lauren Ambrose, James Rebhorn, Carol Kane, Kristen Schaal etc.

It just looks so good and I want to see it…now, please!

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think!

Also if you want to watch some of Birbigs stand-up, because it looks like a lot of his material is going to be in the movie, here ya go:


2 thoughts on “Birbigliography

  1. This is a really nice trailer! I look forward to this movie!

    But the whole time I was like “Crap I know that Lauren Ambrose girl… where have I seen her from?” and at the end of the trailer, I was like “Can’t Hardly Wait!”

    I haven’t seen anything else she’s been in, though I read she’s big in some TV show now.

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