Do you think it’s weird?

The trailer today is for the film Celeste & Jesse Forever. It apparently had a limited release in the US on August 3rd-where was I? (I can’t seem to find it in any theaters near me!)

Centers around two best friends who were married. Now separated, Celeste (Rashida Jones) has trouble letting go of that friendship, especially when she finds out Jesse (Andy Samberg) met someone else.

The trailer makes it look comical, with a great ensemble cast. Includes: Elijah Wood, Chris Messina, Emma Roberts and Ari Graynor.

Movies about friendships, love and letting go always seem to try a little too hard, but this trailer makes me hopeful this will be good.

I lived through this story. I had an ex, who when we first started off was my best friend. Ari Graynor’s character says it best with the opening lines “What are you two doing?!” It’s hard to let go of someone you know so intimately and you’ve known for so long and have them fade away from your life.

Rashida Jones looks amazing. I’m eager to watch this…if I could only find it!

Here’s the trailer, let me know what you think:


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