Downton Sixbey

I finished Season 2 of Downton Abbey! Right in time too, because I have to return it today to the library.

The first half of the season was a little disappointing compared to the first season, but the last few were amazing! So good and right back to being addicting!

Edith needs to stop throwing herself at everyone and I’m so proud of Sybil!

I also really, really (!) loved Maggie Smith this season. She was a royal pain/an old haggy witch in the first season, but I guess WWI changed her too. She is so sneaky and cheeky and just really liked her.

As far as the ending I was happy and sad about it. I really thought overall it would end on a  happy note, but there has to be some conflict or else its not interesting…but poor Anna!

Sorry if you don’t watch and have no idea what I’m talking about…the 1st season is on Netflix and I swear its awesome! I’m not into hyped up things, but I’m hooked on this.

Some of my favorite parts from the season:

Can’t wait to see season 3, scheduled in January…I believe.

Here’s the video of the week, a Jimmy Fallon/Late Night video. It’s a parody of the show and you’ll probably only appreciate if you’ve watched it…and it’s a little long. But hope you like it and have a good weekend!


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