What would you do?

Wow this is only book # 4/5 (Since it’s over 500 pages): The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Looks like my 50/50 prediction is right. Only going to finish watching those 50 movies…but I’ll keep at it. Had a loooong day yesterday, here’s my review finally:

After a phenomenal ending to the second book, the third started off right where they left off…but then it took its own form and kind of dragged for me in the middle.

If you thought there were a lot of characters/names to remember in the first and second, there are soooooo many more that are introduced in this one. Once I got a handle of all of them though, the story picked up and by the end I was flipping through the pages.

Like I said this book picks up where the last one ended, and it goes much deeper into Salander’s past and all the injustices that have been committed against her. Larsson did an awesome job developing her as a character and must’ve had an awesome imagination for all these characters and story-lines. One minute you’ll be in Lisbeth’s head, the next in Blomkvist’s, Berger’s, the cops, the bad guys, etc.

He writes crime so well, I wish Larsson was still alive to write more and to see how far his books have come. It kind of makes me wonder about that heart attack…but his books just made me paranoid, seriously. 

Even though Salander is portrayed as cold and unemotional in most of the books, you see a different side to her in this one. It also focused a lot on Blomkvist’s love escapades and what is and what isn’t love. Friendship was a key topic throughout and really brought the story together.

With the final turn of the page, everything came together. Mystery, crime and friendships solved. All in all it was an amazing end to the trilogy.

There were also a lot of surprises, which I was happy about, since I spoiled myself by watching all 3 Swedish Films. I can’t wait for the next American version to come out!


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