Sisterly Advice

So, going back and forth with my sister, last night, she figured out that I wanted to quit my job. She was encouraging, at first, then she told me her advice for making money:

“Either be a bartender or a drug dealer.”

Inspirational stuff.

The former is honestly an amazing way to make some extra dough…the bartender the other night said he made $500!  And that’s in my town, can’t imagine what you would make in the city!

By the way, has anyone been to one of those fancy movie theaters that serve you dinner and drinks? I want to go to one of those!

Also, I’m going to see the new Batman tonight, I’ll tell you how it goes.


4 thoughts on “Sisterly Advice

  1. I think you have to do a whole bunch of courses before you can be a bartender though… you know, learn about mixing drinks and basic psychiatry.

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