Society is Afraid of Alone

I really love this video. It’s encouraging and sweet. I could’ve used this video when I studied abroad for 4 months, but I did a lot of what it suggests.

I’ve been watching this video a lot, lately. There is a void in my life, but I know now that I can fill it with other things. I go hiking with my dog a lot more, I’m making videos again, and trying to read more (sorry guys, this is the longest time ever I’ve spent on a book! I only have a few hundred pages left. Grr, it’s irritating me!) I gave up on a lot of things and opportunities, when I wasn’t free. I am now, and I’ve decided to actively look for a job in the field I studied…kinda scared. I’m almost done paying my student loans and then I can do whatever I want. I’ve decided to just go for it.

Have a good weekend guys!

Poem and Music by Tanya Davis

Filmmaker: Andrea Dorfman


2 thoughts on “Society is Afraid of Alone

  1. hear you on the job search, I am a recent grad woth a major in marketing and stuggled to find something. About a month I got a telemarketing position at a pretty big company, not by any means a dream job but is a starting point. Good luck!

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