Theron Fest

Mini-review time! As the title says Charlize is in all three.

I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of hers, at least of her older stuff. I mean, I know she’s talented, that’s a fact, but I was never the person who would run to the theater when I saw she was in a movie…I mean The Italian Job, Mighty Joe Young? Who else got suckered into Sweet November? I did love Jason Isaacs though, and am guilty of watching this more than twice.

What I don’t understand is how she could be in performances like Monster and North Country and then decide to be in Hancock?? It just makes you look like you have no standards, or something. But, I’ve grown an acquired taste for this lady. I mean, she is very talented, as I said before.

After watching Young Adult, I was pretty impressed and put her on my radar for future films. She was pretty much the ONLY reason I watched Snow White and the Huntsman, because I can’t stand Kristen Stewart…sorry to all her fans, she just irritates me. Alright, I’m getting off track, let’s commence the reviews!

Movie # 15: Young Adult

I watched this film, because after United States of Tara I decided I would watch anything written by Diablo Cody…even The Evil Dead remake, which I’m on the fence about. Anyway, being a fan of the show, I was of course happy to see Patton Oswalt co-starring alongside Theron…he was my favorite part of the movie actually.

After getting divorced Mavis Gary (Theron),  decides to head home and win back her high school sweet-heart (Patrick Wilson), who is married and has recently become a father.

She doesn’t keep her plan very secret, as Matt (Oswalt) says in the trailer, : “I would keep all of this to yourself…I would find a therapist.”

I don’t know who decided on that trailer, but it’s very misleading. I did like the movie and there were some comedic moments, but I think the trailer was trying too hard to make it something it wasn’t. It just felt misplaced that Bowie’s “Queen Bitch” was used, but maybe I’m reading too much into it. She was a “bitch,” but that’s generalizing the whole movie…It’s an intensely somber story, basically about depression, and most parts were hard to get through because of it.

The writing was honest and the friendship that develops between Matt and Mavis, is really what held this film together for me. Theron did an amazing job, she really portrayed her character well…she was just so, cold. Mavis was very unhappy and alone, but she was just so goddamn selfish! Everyone looks at their past and wishes they would have done something differently, but most people don’t act on it. This character was obviously in a dark place in her life, and you could see the climax was going to be pretty explosive. I felt bad for her at one point, but by the end it just seemed like she didn’t learn anything…but I guess that’s pretty realistic. I might have to watch it again, to analyze it better.

Movie # 16: Snow White and the Huntsman

Honestly, this was better than I thought it would be. I was pretty surprised. Chris Hemsworth stole the show, since it felt like Snow White didn’t talk much in the first half of the movie…which I was pretty thankful for. I really felt for his character and his back story.

Charlize Theron was awesome at being…evil. They kind of went into her story too, but I just got the feeling that she was brainwashed…I guess she was scarred too. She again played an irrational, selfish, unhappy character. Her obsession with youth, her hatred for men, and the movie’s take on the whole fairy tale were pretty interesting.

Don’t have much else to say about this movie, but it was visually appealing…I mean it was a big budget movie after all, so they had a lot to work with. Also, Nick Frost and Bob Hoskins as dwarfs…not sure if I love it or hate it. One more thing:  is there really going to be a sequel to this?? Can any one shed a little light on that, for me? And if there is, WHY?

Movie # 17: Prometheus 

So, when I first watched this I thought it was a prequel to Alien…but I have now learned that it’s not.  You gotta cut me a little break though, can’t you see how easy it is to mistake? I mean there were a lot of similarities. A LOT. Not that I can say Ridley Scott, ripped himself off…can I? Maybe the writers did, idk. I guess he now had the technology and money to expand certain ideas and share it with us all? Thank you Mr. Scott. (It’s ok, Simon Pegg does it all the time and I don’t really care, because I would have babies with him).

LOL, wow. Tiiiired.

I might just put an asterisk next to all the similarities, so I’m warning you now **SPOILERS** are ahead!

*Before the story even starts, the letters for Prometheus are presented in the same way Alien was presented in 1979. Parts of words, slowly coming together to form a message.

Michael Fassbender is the first character presented. I don’t know what fancy words you want to use, but he’s a *robot. He wakes everyone up from a *sleep state, out of these *pods at the same time, just as the computer system did on Nostromo. Fassbender essentially steals the movie, as David, and does an amazing job in this role. He is portrayed as being envious of human feelings and behaviors and almost has a curiosity about it.  But I couldn’t help having a love-hate relationship for him, the whole time. Easy to understand, because with no emotion, you have no regret, and with no regret you pretty much have no regard for the things around you. He was just meddlesome and was the main catalyst of conflict for the film.

David: “Sometimes to create, one must first destroy.”

Ok, so long story short. Robot man has a *secret agenda he is following, that makes the *crew expendable, and he also develops an * “admiration” for the species they find.

Charlize Theron is presented as the one in charge. Er, she believes she is at least, being the daughter of the man who funded the trip (founder of a *mysterious corporation who sets the agenda). She is a cold-hearted bitch in this. And here I can call her a bitch, because she was good at being one. As Meredith Vickers (doesn’t it just sound bitchy?), she is presented as a strong, arrogant, powerful woman. But we soon learn, she is vulnerable just like the rest of us. She is lonely and has daddy issues. Did anyone else find Guy Pearce’s role in this, a tad too much?

Elizabeth Shaw (Rapace), was all about the science of it all and finding answers to her theories. She wanted to understand what happened on this planet and why they were called there. She was smart*, independent* and resourceful* and in the end the *last survivor of her ship. She also had Ripley hair.  *Her abdomen also suffers by the hand of an alien, and the end product of that creepy life cycle leads to something similar to what the *alien in Alien, looked like…I mean really? How is this not a prequel? Executive decision: I’m calling it that. It takes place a few decades before the original Alien, so…come on!


*******************These Egg Pods too!***************************

At the end, just like I wanted to punch Ash in the face, I wanted to hit David too, but I didn’t have to because his *head got ripped off.

Other similarities: The alien in the pods were similar to the one that attached itself to John Hurt’s face*, *Prometheus itself looks similar to the ship Nostromo finds in Alien, and in the end the main female character does everything in her power to stop the spread of aliens back home* and a ship is destroyed*.

There are so many other similarities, but it would take forever to go through.

As far as the movie as a whole, I felt it was enjoyable and expanded on some things. The alien/humanoid character was intriguing until he became an unyielding killing machine. Couldn’t he be an intelligent alien, without being violent? I guess then it wouldn’t be interesting or intriguing. There were too many questions and not enough answers in this film…but it looks like they’re opening it up for a sequel. It was a little too horror-hokey for me though. And by that I mean: If you split up, you die. If you have sex or do drugs, you die, etc. It was a pretty entertaining film, but for Ridley Scott to claim it is a completely new film, standing alone from Alien is just kinda ballsy.

See any of these? What’d you think? And if you have arguments about Prometheus, fire away!


6 thoughts on “Theron Fest

  1. I too have a love/hate relationship with Theron. I’ve probably seen more of her movies then is good (yes even Reindeer Games). I loved Young Adult but found Snow White and Prometheus to be lacking. Okay I downright hated Prometheus and I never thought I’d say that about a Michael Fassbender film lol.

    • Yeah I wasn’t expecting much of Snow White, but Prometheus really let me down. Sorry you didn’t like it. I think I enjoyed it more for its ties to Alien than anything. It seemed like they tried to say too much on a lot of different topics, but no 1 topic was coherent. They spent more time on the action and visuals, than the story in my opinion.

  2. Theron-fest! Great idea. We’re about to do a (Christian)Slater-fest, which could be a disaster or really great. I loved Young Adult, and need to re-watch it too!

  3. I haven’t seen Prometheus but saw the other two Theron films. I think she can play disturbed really well. I thought she was the best thing about ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and was at her creepy best in ‘Young Adult.’ Charlize is great at playing beautiful and messed-up (apart from her role in ‘Monster’ where she was just messed-up).

    I have to agree with your assessment of Kristen Stewart in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’ She didn’t have a lot of dialogue to work with. Nor did she seem to connect with any of the other characters. I don’t know if this was deliberate in order to betray an ‘otherworldly’ character or if she just didn’t connect. It was a stunning film to see on the big screen though – and I am a big fan of Chris Hemsworth 🙂

    • You describe her perfectly! She can play disturbed, creepy and messed up well…she is fierce in her role as the Queen. I’m glad I gave Snow White a chance, because it was better than I thought it would be. Thanks for reading and if you see Prometheus, tell me what you think!

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