A lady does not place her weapon on the table

Movie # 14:

My expectations were high for this one. Very high. And Pixar/Disney hit the bar…but didn’t surpass it. It was really a wonderful story, full of hilariousness…and honestly, I almost cried, BUT there were a lot issues for me throughout the film (I’ll explain later). This is definitely a mother-daughter movie and I wish they would’ve advertised it as that…

They did a good job at keeping the main plot twist a secret and I have to say it was worth it. All I knew about the movie, when I sat down in the theater, was a young princess, Merida, refused to conform as a lady and wanted to choose her future for herself.  That was true but her mother foreshadows the plot by saying: “Are you willing to pay the price your freedom will cost?”

The comic relief in the film was good, the visuals were beautiful, but the story felt a little repetitive of many, many Disney films.  A princess who wants to decide her own fate (Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Mulan, etc), defies her family’s wishes to find her own path, decisions are made that cause conflict, magic may be involved, but hey in the end a lesson is learned and it’s all good.

What bugs me in most Disney movies:

1. Why is it that the “independent princesses” are always isolated? Only having animal friends? They have no girls at all their age to relate to? What kind of message is that?

2. Why do all these teenage princesses, look like the popular girl in school we all hated? Puberty is never that nice.

And 3. What’s with Disney’s hair obsession? Merida’s hair was obviously some sort of rebellious statement, against being a princess…or were they just trying to say tomboy’s are unkempt?

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the film, but it was just a little predictable. There were some differences:

1. Usually the family member the princesses defy are their fathers, in this case it was her mother.

2. Her story didn’t end with a marriage, good job Disney!

3. She actually looked her age, had realistic irrational hormone rages, and was beautiful in a more honest way.

Alright so enough of this analyzing. I think this movie was meant to “break the mold” of past princesses, but they need to keep working on it. I’m guilty for feeding into this problem, because I love these movies…I grew up with them.

Overall, the film was entertaining…and that’s the point. So if you’re a Disney/Pixar fan, don’t mean to discourage you, I do recommend it, go see it and let me know what you think.


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