I’m on Fire

So this week’s video is a “music video” on the set of Good Dick (2008). If you haven’t seen the film, you should. Don’t worry, I’m not leading you to a trashy movie.

It’s actually a very honest, dark, drama. Written and Directed and starring Marianna Palka, and her real-life boyfriend Jason Ritter. Do you need a link for him? Really?

Well the film was on a VERY small budget, they also got their friends to act in the film…pretty much for free. So that’s awesome in itself. They just wanted the story to get out there. Those lovely gentlemen include: Eric EdelsteinMark Webber, and Martin Starr. And it seems like they had fun making it, even though the content of the film isn’t meant to be funny…not entirely. So here’s the guys having a little fun on set:

The plot on IMDB is described as “A look at the relationship between a lonely introverted girl and a young video store clerk vying for her attention.”

It’s a little bit more than that, so I guess if you want to spoil it you can read about it on some forums, but I think you should give it a chance. It also premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. So, this turned into a “Trailer Tuesday” more than the “video of the week”…that’s ok, since I didn’t post one this week. I forgot how much I loved this trailer, it’s sweet, has comic relief, and shows you the chemistry the two of them have. It’s not your normal love story. Makes me want to watch it again, which is easy since I own it 🙂

Have a good weekend! And I’ll be popping reviews up all weekend, because for once I’m off…yey!


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