The truth about 7-11

After watching Spider-man, my friend realized it was 7/11 and we had to go get slurpees. I don’t know if its international, but in the states, its a fact: free slurpees on 7/11.

It’s in the history books, its that important.

But seriously, it was around 9 when we headed over there. We were literally walking out the door when the cashier says: “That ended 2 hours ago.” I had no idea there was a deadline to this wonderful day and think it’s pretty stupid. I guess it makes sense that it ends at 7…ha ha. But there were A LOT of unhappy customers last night.

The cashier said there was a sign on the door, but it was written in pencil and I couldn’t even read it…no one could.

So while my friend and I sat in the car, with our un-free slurpees, a group of people walk in and walked right out. They came out screaming, humorously: “This really chaps my ass!” “Why did no one tweet this!” “This is going on Facebook!”

It was pretty hilarious and I know now for next year.


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