Just saw…

The Amazing Spiderman = Movie 13. This is my reaction to it:

Seriously, I was hearing mixed reviews from friends and wasn’t going to end up watching it. Buuut, I did and I loved it.

First off, I will pretty much watch anything Emma Stone is in…period. She is awesome…exclamation. Second, ever since I first set eyes on Andrew Garfield in The Social Network, (which my friends dragged me to) I was hooked. Its safe to say I have a thing for this Mr. Garfield. I didn’t care about Zuckerberg or Eisenberg…just Garfield. Anyway, after The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I was eager to see him in Never Let Me Go and so on for Spider-man. Now that day has come, woo-hoo! Alright, so on to the review:

I have to admit I never read the comics…so you’re going to have to take it easy on me, for being a pseud0-fan. I did read a little of Peter Parker’s background and knew about Gwen Stacy being his first “real love,” but that’s all I really know about the character. So, like I said above I love Emma Stone, and I know she has been trying to do more serious roles, but it just felt a little awkward at times. Not the parts where she was crushing on Peter, but in general. I think I’m just too used to her sarcastic characters. Her character was cute, but a little quiet…or maybe I was just annoyed that they didn’t give her enough scenes? I don’t know, but something was off.  If they make a second one of these, I hope they go into more detail with her character.

Andrew Garfield was a treat. A sweet, geeky, under-dog, who has the most adorable smile. I mean Tobey Macguire has nothing on him, I’m sorry. There were a number of cutie-pie face moments and plenty of hilarious scenes, with his smile included. Also Emma & him were adorable together, seriously. Sorry for all you hetero males out there, this part of the review may not nudge you to see the film…moving on….

As far as the other actors, Martin Sheen and Sally Field were wonderful as uncle Ben and aunt May. There were really touching scenes, but the beginning felt a little rushed and I felt like there should of been more of these two. I don’t know how accurate the “explanation” of Peter’s past was, but I felt like that also needed more time.

Rhys Ifans is always a pleasure to watch, although I found his character similar to how the “Green Goblin” was portrayed in the other movies. Denis Leary was in the perfect role as Captain Stacy. He and Emma had great father-daughter chemistry, and he plays the overprotective, cynical dad awesomely. It’s also no surprise Stan Lee made a cameo.

Although, overall I enjoyed the film there were a lot of things left open in the story-line. Like what happened to Rajit Ratha? What happened to Spider-man’s hunt for his uncle’s killer? and Why did Gwen Stacy take everything so lightly?

The story was good, check. Characters great, check. Music? Awesome, check. The acting was great and in my opinion had just the right amount of action. So in my eyes it was worth the money. I did not see it in 3D though. And if you do see it, please wait till after the credits, because there’s an extra scene! By the end of the movie my bladder felt like it was going to rupture and I missed it. My friend had to fill me in…but seriously I felt like Tom Hanks in A League of their Own. TMI? sorry.

What did you think of the movie?


2 thoughts on “Just saw…

  1. I haven’t seen it but, like you, I want to watch it because of Emma Stone! I had to comment and say I laughed at your Tom Hanks A league of their own issue. I loved that movie and I remember that scene! I also hate it when I have to use the restroom during the movies which is why I try not to drink so much. haha.

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