So, we’re doomed to a terrible fate?

Movie # 12 is a French film called: Declaration of War.  The movie starts off with a young boy and his mother at a hospital. Without reading the plot, you wonder why he is getting an MRI. It immediately flashes back to how his parents met and I instantly fall in love with the film and its characters. Love at first sight is ironic, for these two young people whose names are: Romeo & Juliette. But I felt that, that’s how love really happens or is supposed to happen. There should be a spark or connection to pull you in. The chemistry between them is exciting and they make a perfect pair…one truly cute couple.

It all is threatened though, when they give birth to a baby boy, Adam. They notice he is having trouble developing normally and are concerned when he becomes sick. Their world is shattered in seconds after an MRI shows them a diagnosis a parent never wants to hear. And the scene where Juliette runs through the hospital is still vivid in my mind.

Valérie Donzelli (Juliette), wrote, directed and stars in the film. She is incredible. Jérémie Elkaïm (Romeo) also co-wrote the film. I seriously fell in love with both of them. And after reading that the film was based on the true story of their lives and their son falling seriously ill, it just made me that more attached to the characters.

Donzelli captures every moment so beautifully and so realistically: The happiness, the sadness, the fear and anger. It is something I highly recommend and will most certainly watch again.

There were some scenes that I didn’t really feel were needed, but overall she was a great storyteller. The music was also amazing in the film. The two…okay, three things I believe are important to a film are: Story, Characters and Music.

I will put both of them on my list of actors to look out for in movies. Hope you watch this and if you do, let me know what you think. Here’s the trailer:


4 thoughts on “So, we’re doomed to a terrible fate?

  1. Your writeup of the movie sounds really interesting, but sadly, that trailer is sorely lacking in any kind of depth. If I saw the trailer on its own, I’d totally switch the channel.

    • Really? I read the story and after seeing the trailer thought it would be something worth watching. It shows the emotions throughout the film, the support they have from their family and how Romeo & Juliette work together as a team…but either way after reading what it was about, I was set on watching it.

      • I think without reading what you wrote, the trailer just doesn’t reveal enough about the story. It’s kinda like flashes of a happy couple, intermixed with some shots of the hospital… but no real revelation about what’s wrong with the kid… and there’s just so many shots of them being happy still. I dunno, I’m not liking the trailer much.

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