Prince of Broadway

I’m late on the trailer this week, but it’s a good one…promise. I watched the film at the Woodstock Film Festival, a few years back, and was really surprised. Sean Baker (known by some as  one of the creators of Greg the Bunny), has no relative name for himself as a film director, but when I saw Prince of Broadway I hope there is no way he is ever going to stop. The film also won the Grand Jury Prize that year.

The movie follows a hustler, named Lucky, in NYC. He coaxes people into buying counterfeit goods and his life is pretty easy, until his ex drops off their son with him.

Shot in “docu-drama” style, Baker makes you become connected with the characters and portrays them in a very real way. Much of the film is based on the actor’s life, Prince Adu. Him and the little boy, Aiden Noesi, were precious together. Definitely something I would watch again, here’s the trailer:


4 thoughts on “Prince of Broadway

  1. There’s a very Friday Night Lights feel to this movie, both with the music (is it Explosions in the Sky too?) and the faux-documentary handheld style of the footage. I will definitely want to watch this if I get the chance.

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