So after last nights Trueblood, (which was NOT a let down!) I watched the premiere of the new HBO series The Newsroom. The show stars Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, Emily Pill, John Gallagher Jr (!), Thomas Sadoski and Dev Patel…and looks like Olivia Munn, starting next week. They’re all working to build up a better show when most of the employees leave, because Will McAvoy (Daniels) is an asshole.

It was a subject Aaron Sorkin touched on in the past with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip-going behind the scenes of how a show is put on the air. The pace and back and forth banter, really pulls you in and did well to identify all the characters. Emily Pill is so sweet and clumsy in this, as is John Gallagher Jr. I was so excited to see his face!

I first got introduced to him, because my friend was obsessed with Spring Awakening, mainly the music, (the link takes you to a vid I shot at the Drama bookstore where he sings and smiles into the camera). Anyway, when the “Writer’s Strike” happened a few years back I went down to the city with her to see who would be out and about on Broadway. We were mainly looking for Hank Azaria…but sadly he wasn’t there. We did see some lovely people on the way though like Jimmi Simpson, Jim Ortleib (when I took a picture with him, he guessed that I knew him from Roswell, but I swear I know him from other things!) and John Gallagher Jr! He was very sweet and friendly! Ok, well sorry for the rambling, but I just wanted to tell you I’m glad for his success.

The anxiety of the show was high because of the transitioning between Executive Producers and the apparent history Mortimer’s character had with McAvoy. The breaking story it dealt with was the BP oil spill in the gulf and how to decide if it was a story worth while or not. The old EP, Don (Sadoski), clashes with Jim Harper (Gallagher),  the soon to be Senior Producer, because of it. There is also a love triangle in the making, something that Mackenzie (Mortimer) is cooking up, but I missed why. I’m rooting for Jim of course, since I already don’t like Don and how he treats Maggie (Pill). The ensemble of actors seem to work well together and is a great mix. The writing is funny, smart, harsh, and engaging and I’m looking forward to watching more! Has anyone else seen it? Interested in watching it? It’s on Sunday nights after Trueblood= 10 pm. Here’s the trailer:

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