SS # 5

Soundtracks aren’t just in movies. Video games are turning more and more into great venues for new music. I have been a fan of Jonathan Coulton for a while, and have always liked his song at the end of the game Portal, released in 2007. I’m not a big gamer, but I am well versed in Super Mario bros 3, Mario Kart, some Tomb-Raider, **Kindgom hearts** and some random things like Spyro and Klonoa. I like a good story, in movies and in games. Characters are also big for me (if you haven’t already noticed). So, when I stumbled on the ending song to Portal, I was definitely interested in the story.

It’s premise, is about a testing facility where subjects are sent through a number of puzzles using a “Portal” device. The main character, Chell, being a female is awesome. The main point is the AI machine and voice that talks her through each test, has somehow become corrupted and violent. I watched clips of this game on Youtube and I think it would really scare me playing it! Don’t laugh, I know I would be interested in playing it, but I would be highly stressed out about dying, hahaha. Anyone played it? Let me know what you think of this song too. Like I said written by Jonathan Coulton and sung by Ellen Mclain, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “SS # 5

  1. Lucky for you, you can’t really die in Portal much! Well, you can… but you just end up starting at the beginning of the puzzle again – not a huge setback. If you find the chance to, you really should. It’s an amazing game, and it does so much (intellectually and even emotionally) with such a simple premise!

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