Take Me Home

Trailer of the week today is Take Me Home, written and directed by Sam Jaeger (Parenthood). I think its a limited release, Imdb says it was released in 2011, but I can’t find a real date. You can visit the website here.

It looks hilarious and touching. Stars him and his real-life wife, Amber, which is why there is so much good chemistry in the trailer. You can see their playfulness and agitation.

The plot is about a “fake” NYC taxi-driver who gets involved with a woman who plans to drive to California…just watch the trailer, it looks funnier that it sounds. The ending is particularly funny: “That was gonna be so cool, wasn’t it? With you driving off.” Watch it and let me know what you think. I would watch it.


3 thoughts on “Take Me Home

  1. Cool! I have been on a indie movie kick recently and Take Me Home seems to have a fun story too it. That is odd that it isn’t labelled as a limited release because it definitely wasn’t in any theaters where I live. Thanks for bringing this movie to my attention, I will for sure give it a watch!

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