Late Father’s Day Montage: Movie Dads

So hope you all had a Happy Father’s Day! I’m back after a little break, and wanted to tell you all my favorite “movie dad’s.” They’re all by category, so here we go:

1. Best “villain” dad: Jack, from The Shining. Need I explain? Cabin Fever or something else sets in and drives this Father to hunt down his family with an ax. Definitely not the father of the year, but certainly scary. Nicholson is so convincing, it’s spooky. Runner up: Darth Vader…maybe next time.

2. Best Over-protective dad: Marlin, from Finding Nemo. Yes the Clown-fish who is scared of life and heads off in search of his son. Love this movie.  Runner up: King Triton, from The Little Mermaid. Both dad’s could’ve loosened up a little and avoided their kids getting in a lot of trouble.

3. Best Nerdy dad: It’s a tie! Between George McFly and Wayne Szalinkski. They’re both pretty nerdy and thought they both deserved their fake awards! Back to the Future and Honey, I shrunk the Kids were my favorites growing up.

4.  Best single-dad: This one was hard to pick. There is so many out there, but I chose Guido Orefice, from Life is Beautiful.  He did everything he could to protect his son from the evil that was happening around them. Still joking and playing with him. This movie always makes me cry, and I know he had a wife, but when they are separated he is responsible for taking care of his son. Runner up: Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness. Another film that makes me cry. Will Smith and his son are wonderful together.

5. Best “I want him to be my dad”: Dill Penderghast, from Easy A.  Seriously, Stanley Tucci is hilarious and after watching this I thought that everyone should have a dad like him. Runner up: Mac MacGuff, in Juno. J.K. Simmons is always enjoyable, and as a father he is awesome. This isn’t really from the movie, but I thought it was funny: Juno calls her dad.

Who are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “Late Father’s Day Montage: Movie Dads

  1. definitely Nemo’s dad! I wish they would do a sequel already! I totally forgot about ‘honey I shrunk the kids’ movies.. might have to watch those again!

  2. The first is good and the one where they “Blow up” the baby was ok, but the first is so fun to quote! “Donald, that man over there is flying.” And a nemo sequel would be nice!

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