What do you want to be when you grow up?

I hate this question. I think it means something entirely different than when we were little. When we were kids, I heard it all the time. From junior high, on. I was never one of the kids who knew what they wanted to do. I kinda just winged picking a major in College. I know it sounds stupid, but I did what I thought I would like as a career. I don’t call myself completely talented, but a little artistic. I wanted to dress nice for work and collaborate on projects, someone maybe not with their own office, but maybe I would get there some day. I watch a lot of movies, so I thought: “Hey! I can do that! I can make a movie or participate in making one!”

When I got out of college though, I found it not so easy with “the recession.” Nobody was hiring, unless you had 2-3 yrs experience. “But how would I get experience, without getting a job?!” I had some internships under my belt, but most people thought I was too shy for the business. “What does shy have to do with someone who is willing to work and willing to learn??”  That’s what I kept telling myself.

It’s a good thing I’m resourceful. I” roll with the punches”, as they say. Out of school I remembered my love for animals – well, I really remembered it when I did any internship in Australia and stayed with a wild life rehabilitator. I regretted not studying biology in school, by then it seemed too late.

Once I graduated and became discouraged about where I would go, I gave an animal hospital a call. I’ve worked there now for 3 yrs. And I have to say: I’m not shy anymore!

I know it sounds like I may have given up, but I’m happy for the time being. I still try to be artistic when I can, and I never want to stop writing! And this could only be 1 stop in my life, I don’t see me working there till retirement, but I do enjoy the people and helping all our patients. I’m always looking for opportunities. I joined a group that works on making movies in the community and I bought a video editor to mess around with.

If I had it my way, when I grow up: I want to travel the world, I want to swim with a whale shark! I want to work for the Discovery Channel or make a documentary. I want to have fun and not let anyone control and discourage me! I want to do what makes me happy! One day I will write a book, or make a movie or work with some talented people.

Right now: I have traveled to 3 continents, I have sky dived, climbed a bridge, gone to Machu Picchu, saw an actual march of the penguins, and snorkled in some amazing waters.

There’s so much we can do in life. Don’t let your job prevent you from exploring and from pursuing your dreams! I know this is a cheesy post, but it’s true!

What have you done that you’re excited about? And what do you want to be when you grow up?


6 thoughts on “What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. When I grow up I want to do therapy with kids in a hospital setting or private practice who have cancer or other issues. I love kids and when I got to work with kids with cancer before it was rewarding and the kids loved having someone to talk to and share with 🙂

  2. I wanted to be a filmmaker, then a screenwriter… and I ended up as a magazine editor. But I’m on the road back to my goal… cos now I’m a poorly-paid animator! And someday, further down the road, I’ll be a less-poorly-paid animator!

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