Sandler Freak-outs

I love Adam Sandler. But lately I’d rather wait for his movies then pay for them, like Jack & Jill (did anyone see that?) Anyway, I like his older stuff and I absolutely love when he FREAKS. You know what I’m talking about. The crying, the yelling, the anger that swirls out of him like a whirlwind. It’s hilarious. Most of his characters have an underlying anger that is just waiting to burst out. I thought I would list my favorite movie scenes with his freak outs:

1. Billy Madison (1995): The end of the dinner scene is amazing. Sandler being instigated into talking mumb0-jumbo…hilarious. I couldn’t find the whole scene.

2. Happy Gilmore (1996): There are so many good scenes to choose from, but I think when he beats up the clown he sounds like Billy Madison!

3. The Wedding Singer (1998): Musical anger is the best kind.

4. Big Daddy  (1999): Impatience triggers a good Sandler freak out. And this scene permanently implanted the answer to: “What time is McDonald’s breakfast over?”

5. 50 First Dates (2004): His anger was pretty mellow in the whole movie, until this scene. Always makes me laugh.

What are your favorite Sandler moments?


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