Holy Hell! What Did I just watch?!

**$!!!!@?%!?!&?**! That’s my reaction to movie # 6: Sleeping Beauty (2011). I know I wasn’t supposed to review a movie yet, and I usually wait till I finish reading my book, but this COULD NOT WAIT!

I’m usually not a harsh critic…Usually. But there comes a time when I stumble on a film I just couldn’t deal with. The kind of film you scream at the TV, for it to make sense, or have a point. Or even scream in anger to the crazy person who wrote and/or directed the film. Well I nominate Sleeping Beauty #1 on: “What did I just Watch?!”

Not only did the screenwriter think of such a twisted and pointless thing, but SHE decided to direct it as well. Maybe I’m getting carried away, because its the middle of the night. But as a woman, I don’t understand this. Let’s get this straight, in no way am I a prude, but there are limits.

I enjoy a strong, female character and I was intrigued by the trailer AND I thought Emily Browning had some potential as an actress, after I saw Sucker Punch…BUT, I don’t enjoy sadistic, perverted men and abuse towards women. Granted, she signed up for the gig and maybe, possibly knew what she was getting into, but she definitely wasn’t a strong, female character…in my opinion. You could say she did it for a good cause, but you really have to search and pay attention to see why she does what she does. She gave up her freedom’s so easily, without thinking!

If you don’t know the plot, it’s about a young woman who prostitutes herself. She does it while heavily sedated and men can do what they like with her…except have sex.

The beginning even seemed intriguing and made me curious, but as I got deeper and deeper, it was too late. I kept hoping there would be a point to all the torture, but all in all, it just made me feel depressed at the end.

Maybe Leigh was trying to teach us something, but I couldn’t get past what was happening on screen. It seriously was not that perverted, but the idea was just so sick to me and then the ending seemed so incomplete…I guess the moral could be to not coast by life and just exist, but to participate in it and not be apathetic. And have some character and respect for yourself. Maybe? I really don’t know. Has anyone else seen this?? (It’s on Netflix.) I really want to know. I’m adding this to my least favorite movies, up there with Requiem for a Dream. I’m going to trust IMDB ratings a little more now…plus I didn’t need to see old man junk.

Sorry for all the CAPS!

10 thoughts on “Holy Hell! What Did I just watch?!

  1. I have wanted to see this film for ages but the premise turns me off. After reading your review I think I can find better ways to waste a couple of hours of my life than watching this movie 🙂

    • Yeah, sorry…I was waiting to watch it for a long time, too! But not only was it disappointing, but it made me cringe at times. Like I said, I want someone to watch it, to see if they have the same reaction as me, but I understand if you don’t!

    • Well, like I said I pulled out what I thought was the point, but in the end it just seemed too scattered. It’s probably something you have to re-watch to get the full meaning of, but I don’t want to.

  2. You know your movie really sucks when an Adam Sandler movie like Click has a better grasp of the theme than yours. Cos Click was also about not coasting through life – kinda.

    Anyway, it sounds like you need to watch Secretary! That movie makes BDSM look sweet and nurturing.

  3. Omg! Your review totally captured everything I wanted to say, so instead of re writing and narrating the accurate aggro’s faced whilst trying to make sense of the movie, I linked your post to mine 🙂 I do wish I had been warned ahead of time though, oh well. Job well done all the same- Camgal

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