Limited Trailer Tuesday

I’m starting this Tuesday segment, because I enjoy watching trailers. I’m the person who likes getting to the movies early, to watch all the previews. I enjoy the way someone chooses to place one clip next to another, making a story. If you can’t tell the cuts between one shot from another, because you’re so focused on the story, that’s a good editor. They’re visual artists and I think if I had the opportunity to work on a movie, I would want to do that. Just because they have a big impact on how the story and film make out. Anyway, rambling again…This is a segment where I will post movies that will only play in limited theaters or a place I will post and talk about trailers I find interesting. So, this is what’s  coming to theaters in June:

Safety Not Guaranteed, opens June 8th. Would you like to go back in time? You’ll get paid when we you get back. This is not a joke. Interested? I am and I want to see this! Starring Jake Johnson, Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec), and Mark Duplass from The League (he has a slew of new movies coming out).

My Sister’s Sister, opening June 15th. Starring the lovely Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt (who I love in United States of Tara) and also starring Mark Duplass! Love triangle, in the worst way. Support IFC films!

To Rome with love, out June 22nd. Written and directed by Woody Allen, stars Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni…and a huge ensemble, as expected for an Allen film. First NY, then Barcelona and Paris, now Rome, what will be the next city he focuses on?

Beasts of the Southern Wild, out June 27th. This was a Sundance Festival submission and it looks beautiful. A story of a little girl and her father who live in a fictional town named “Bathtub,” at the edge of the world. The story has “Katrina” as their backdrop, but is not considered a docu-drama. It’s described as mythical and poetic and looks like a great story.

Take this Waltz, out June 29th. On the top of my list for movies next month. Stars Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, and Luke Kirby. The story of a happily married woman who develops feelings for her neighbor…and it doesn’t seem like he discourages it.

Any of them peak your interest?


3 thoughts on “Limited Trailer Tuesday

  1. I am dying to watch Safety Not Guaranteed. I saw this trailer a couple of weeks ago, and it just looks like the kind of movie that made me fall in love with indie movies all those many years ago.

    Sadly, it will almost definitely not be showing in Singapore, so I’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD and then grab it off Amazon.

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