Bless me Father, for I have just killed quite a few men

 Movie #4: I just finished watching Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado. Let me just start by saying that he needs to come out with more movies, and no more of this Machete business! (Really I can’t judge, because I haven’t seen it). This is how actions movies should be. Action movies now a days seem so crazy…you know what I mean? I mean, action movies used to have a hero, where even though you couldn’t ever truly believe he could really dodge all those bullets and still live, you at least wanted to believe because the story was that good. Now a days, its just not the same. So I guess I’m just rambling now…I’m trying to get the point across that I guess I like a good story over theatrics, I like Die Hard over something like Crank (again, haven’t seen it, but don’t want to).

Ok, so now to the review portion of my ramblings: I simply loved everything about this. It had a hero you were rooting for (Antonio Banderas), an entertaining side-kick (Steve Buscemi) and a sexy female who could think for herself (Salma Hayeck)…oh and also a Quentin Tarantino Cameo. Lots of gun fights and tricked out guitar cases (which made me think of the guitars in The Black Keys Howlin’ for you, video).

The film is about El Mariachi (Banderas), who wants to find the man responsible for ruining his life…and it won’t be pretty if you get in his way. He has an arsenal of guns he carries around in his guitar case, and vows not to use them again once he gets his man: Bucho.

It also had more than one hilarious moment: When Bucho made his speech to his gang about shooting strangers, he reminded me of “El Guapo” from The Three Amigos, Tarantino’s bar joke…

And of course, with so many gun fights, it was easy to make some of them comical. Overall, this movie makes me love Rodriguez even more and can’t wait to see El Mariachi (the prequel). Also, he is coming out with a sequel to Sin City, which should be interesting!

In update news:

1. I will not be reviewing Secrets in Eden (film), since Optimum apparently doesn’t carry the Lifetime Movie Network channel…which is probably for the best.

2. I started reading Sarah’s Key by Tatiana DeRosnay! Will write up something soon.

3. I enjoyed kayaking and wasn’t the one in the group to tip over! woo!


7 thoughts on “Bless me Father, for I have just killed quite a few men

  1. Desperado is fantastic! If you liked it I recommend the sequel Once Upon a Time in Mexico (which I reviewed on my blog). It’s Quentin Tarantino dialogue and story with Antonio Banderas AND Johnny Depp!

    • Sorry, but I can’t agree with that recommendation because I felt that Once Upon a Time was such a let-down! Don’t you think it was just too corny or kind of lost the appeal of the mysterious guitar player vibe? Hahahah no offense, just my thoughts as a big fan of Rodriguez!

      • I definitely felt this was much better than Once Upon a Time, you should give it a chance! Though, like I told maroon5gurl88, I haven’t seen it in a while.

  2. You know what’s more entertaining about Desperado? The making of Desperado! If you have the time, you should watch it again with the director’s commentary going. Rodriguez goes into detail about how he made this movie for so little money (relatively, for an action movie).

    Key highlights are his “guacamole gun” (which is an airhose that shoots a wad of tissue paper gunked up with fake blood to do gunshot wounds to the head and hands), and the way he dressed up the same two stuntmen to do play every bad guy in the movie that has to take a big fall or gets slammed into the wall.

    He is an amazingly clever and resourceful guy!

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