I like people who are nuts

Ok, jumping into my next post (2 posts in one day! What??) In between reading my last book I watched Puncture, starring Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, Marshall Bell, Brett Cullen and Vinessa Shaw.

The film is about the number of accidental needle sticks in US hospitals that occur a year: precisely 800,000, according to the film. This results in hundreds of thousands of diseases spread, such as Hepatitis and Aids, resulting in many more deaths. (Which is why I couldn’t ever work in Human medicine. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors out there who are brave enough to do it everyday!)

We get introduced to nurse Vicky, in the beginning, who gets “stuck” by a needle, resulting in her contracting Aids. Her case somehow gets sent to Danzinger & Weiss, the type of lawyers with those cheesy TV ads, targeted at accident victims.

Kassen’s character is a pretty together guy, with a baby on the way. While his partner Michael Weiss (Evans), although pretty talented at winning cases, is pretty lousy at not being a drug addict.

What Vicky wants more than anything is for hospitals across the country to carry a “Safety Point” needle = a needle that can not be reused, will prevent puncture accidents and reduce disease. Jeffrey Dancourt (Bell), is an engineer who created the safety syringe and has lobbied, unsuccessfully, to get his needles into hospitals.

Kassen’s character is at first discouraging and worried how they will take on such a case financially, while Weiss is eager to take in on. Weiss has a lot of heart for the fight, but his addictions cause some trouble. I just wanted his character to have some sort of life altering moment…and in a way he did, but not in the way I wanted. I had to keep reminding myself that this was based on a true story, so I could stop yelling at the screen for Evans to get his act together.  The film is also dedicated to Weiss.

 A film about corporate conspiracies, a true under-dog story.  A movie like Erin Brockovich, but not really as good. A movie with a lot of potential, but falls a little short. I think in all honesty, it was a good story that needed to be told and it certainly turned my stomach when I found out certain facts. Definitely something you should see, if only once. Looking forward to what else Evans has to offer as an actor.

Enjoy the trailer! And if you did see it what did you think?

# 3 for movies for 50/50 challenge.


2 thoughts on “I like people who are nuts

  1. Yeah I came to the same conclusion about Puncture. It started with great promise but in the end I felt a tad unsatisfied even though the end was in a way fitting and necessary. Impressive performance from Evans though, but find it a tad weird that a drug addicted lawyer can find the time to go to the gym as much as Evans appears to (kidding, sure he shot this right before or after shooting Captain America). Great review!

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