That Voice

I’m the kind of person that is bad with names, but can always remember a person by what they look like and by their voice. So to me, an actor’s voice is essential. If they sound like everybody else…well then they might not be remembered as well (not saying this is the case for everybody). If you just think about your favorite actors in your head, you can probably hear what their voices sound like (by the way, totally procrastinating on my book post. Finally finished though! I’m just exhausted from working all weekend.)  I know its hard to pick and choose, but I listed my favorite actors & actresses whose voice’s I love, not the most obvious ones:

1. Denis Leary: He’ll kick your ass with his voice.

2. Frances Mcdormand: Amazing woman. Amazing actress. Her characters are realistic and direct and has a “I  know what I want” voice. 

3. Alan Rickman: Has the best villain voice. He stretches out his words so delicately, yet so menacingly. Couldn’t find a good movie clip, but he reads poetry beautifully.

4. Patricia Clarkson: Sexy, bubbly, hilarious. Love her: enjoy 7 minutes in heaven

5.  Jeff Goldblum: Kinda sounds like what my fantasy college professor would be. He has both a nervous and  an “I know more than you” tone, while still being a little nerdy and awkward.

6. Sandra Bullock: A dynamic leading lady. She can act in any genre. She is someone who can laugh at herself.

7. PSH (Philip Seymour Hoffman): Low, Raspy and laid back. Lester bangs is one of my favorites.

8. Emma Stone: One of my favorite young, new actresses. Her deep voice comes off as confident, relaxed and hilarious.

Like I said, so many to choose from. Who do you love for their voice?

P.S. here’s a bonus video with more wonderful voices:


3 thoughts on “That Voice

  1. Wifey and I were just watching The West Wing last night, and we heard this voice and it clicked in our heads. It was Emily Procter (Callie from CSI Miami), and that southern drawl of hers.

    This was way before CSI, and she looked much younger that I honestly didn’t really recognize her. But the voice (and really it’s the voice and not just the accent) was that distinctive!

  2. It honestly is one the easiest ways for me to recognize someone! Glad you spotted someone that way, it’s kinda like Jon Hamm in Ally McBeal…he has a very unique voice too.

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