Strike that, starting with Jason Segel

So I know, I said I would start the movies with Project X, but I was off today and decided to go see The Five Year Engagement. And by the way I’m going to see if I can read 50 books and watch 50 movies by the end of the year! I know I’m a little late in the game, but I’m gonna try! So this is #1 i guess. (Sound Interesting? Read the fiftyfifty blog.)

I love Jason Segel, I’ve loved him since his Freaks and Geeks days. He co-wrote the film, so I was looking forward to it, since I found Forgetting Sarah Marshall hilarious. I liked 5 yr, but it was more for the characters and the sprinkled non-sense than the story line. It just seemed very long for a comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film, but it just seemed like the pair was going nowhere…and not fast, but then again maybe that was the point. Anyway, big fan of Emily Blunt’s as well, and really thought she was perfect at Segel’s side.  The only thing was that it felt like there was no real “air-time” for her. She is a talented actress and they could’ve maybe used her more in the film. There were so many amazing people in the cast as well: Rhys Ifans, Jim Piddock, Mimi Kennedy, Brian Posehn, David Paymer, Kevin Hart and Jacki Weaver (look em’ up if you don’t know them.)

 And as far as the main co-stars it was crazy how many NBC stars there were! Basically 1 member, of each show, from the Thursday night line up was there. My two favorites Chris Pratt and Alison Brie, from Parks & Rec and Community, were an amazing pair. Lets just say Alison Brie made the movie (for me) with her Elmo talk. Chris Parnell, SNL alumni and 30 Rock cast member, was fun to watch as well as The Office’s Mindy Kaling.

Overall, I would recommend the movie if you like Jason Segel movies and like romantic comedies…and I’m not talking about the ones that make you cry, but the smart, raunchy, hilarious Apatow styled ones. Like I said, I enjoyed it and laughed a lot. If you’ve seen it let me know what you thought. And watch NBC tonight to support Community!


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