Military Chimp or Mob investigation?

I’m still finishing up The Girl who Played with Fire, but was just looking at my netflix queue to see what was next to watch. It’s either Absence of Malice, with Paul Newman

and Sally Field OR Project X. And noooo, I don’t mean the party movie that came out this year, where the kids destroy their neighborhood. I’m talking about the 1987, Matthew Broderick film, about the military’s secret project involving a chimpanzee. From friends who have seen it, I’m supposed to watch it…especially if I love animals.

So It’s either that or Absence of Malice, Where a Miami reporter starts an investigation that may lead to mob connections. I love Sally Field AND Paul Newman, but I think I will watch Project X first. So after I finish reading, that’s what’s next! Has anyone seen any of these movies? What do you think about them?

One thought on “Military Chimp or Mob investigation?

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