So many Lisbeth’s, So little time

I know many of you may start rolling your eyes already. I know I’m a little behind on the Stieg Larsson series, but I’m not clueless to them. One of my friends said she “just never got into it.” Which I can’t understand. If you love to read, then you have to give Lisbeth Salander a chance. I’m almost finished with The Girl who played with Fire and  I watched all 3 Swedish films before starting the books. After reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher’s American version was set to come out, which I was not very happy about. I couldn’t see how Noomi Rapace could be replaced by Rooney Mara!

After reading the first book though, I did see how the Swedish films did freely adapt and change several things. Where in contrast, David Fincher’s version was closely adapted to the novel. I still feel Noomi Rapace played a kickass Salander; she got her anger and behavior down. But that doesn’t mean I hated Mara, since she looked like what I imagined Salander was like physically. She just needed some more umpf like Rapace! I know Mara had to go through hoops, and numerous audtions, much like Scarlett O’Hara did for Gone with the Wind. So I appreciate what she went through and enjoyed her in the film. And Noomi Rapace, just needs to be in other American movies…not Sherlock Holmes.

Bjurman in the Swedish version is much more dispicable and disgusting, so if you thought the American version was tough to watch, careful with the Swedish one.

As for Blomkvist, my sister says that Daniel Craig is a much more believable “man-whore” than Michael Nyqvist…I can understand that. Mara and Craig, definitely had good chemistry, and who doesn’t like Daniel Craig? I loved him in Tomb Raider…but getting side tracked. Once I read the second book, I’ll write up a little something. Any fans out there? Critics? What’d you think about the films/books?


One thought on “So many Lisbeth’s, So little time

  1. I read the first book, and have seen both movies. I have wrote several posts regarding both the book and movies (Swedish and Hollywood versions). I did think Noomi did a great job and made a phenomenal Lisbeth, though I agree that Fincher’s version of the movie was truer to the book and my opinion is also that Rooney Mara played the character closer and truer to the book as well. Here is one of my blog posts that touch on the differences in the Lisbeth’s.
    Would love for you to take a gander and know your thoughts.

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